Why waterfronts are an ideal holiday destination?


Water is core to our existence. From time immemorial, people are known to form civilisations close to rivers and lakes. Water has often been used to symbolise ‘life’, ‘rebirth’, ‘spiritual cleansing’ and ‘salvation’. The effect of water on our lives is extensive. While it is crucial for survival, it also has far-reaching psychological impact. While not many may realise it, the soothing power of water, is one of the major reasons why people choose to vacation by a beach, river or lake – making waterfronts among the best holiday destinations.


Why should you take your next break by the waterfront?

  1. Water gives your brain a rest.
    According to researches, waterfronts offer a much-needed break for your brain. As opposed to the hustle-bustle of day-to-day living, life at a waterfront is much slow-paced and simple. This means your brain receives lesser information to process and hence is more relaxed. Gazing into the endless blue horizon, listening to the soothing sound of the waves or the rhythmic flow of a river not only can calm the brain down, it is also a sensory relief and induces a meditative state.
  2. Water evokes emotions
    When your mind is at rest, your heart is at work. It is for nothing that waterfronts across the globe are emerging as the most romantic destinations. According to research firms, sitting silently by the river or lake switches you from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’ orientation. Hence, important ceremonies around life and death are held by the water. Waterfronts are also becoming popular wedding destinations.
  3. Water enhances creativity
    The hectic pace of routine life limit the capability of your mind. It’s only a restful state by the water that can let your mind free, let it wander into the limitless. That’s when you are at your creative best. Whether you paint, write or ideate – a secluded spot by the water can augment your creativity incredibly.
  4. Exercise by the water for better results
    While exercising is good for health under any circumstance, its benefits increase manifold times by the waterfront. A congested gym with the cacophony of people and thumping music might help you work-out physically, but does not help your mind unwind completely. In contrast the peaceful ambience by a river or sea, coupled by the sight of soothing blue waters and clear skies help you unwind holistically – from mind to body.

While mountains, forests, historical places are all amazing vacation destinations, nothing can be as rejuvenating as a break by the waterfront. At Ganga Sadan, we are fortunate to be located on the banks of river Ganga. Our guests, therefore, can not only enjoy the old-world charm and spirituality of Haridwar, they also get to benefit from the tranquil effect of flowing water. We have a private ghat for guests who want to take dip in the water or simply sit by it and let their mind wander in silence. Early morning and evening yoga sessions can also be arranged so that fitness lovers can experience an all-comprehensive rejuvenation.

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