Mansi Devi temple at Haridwar

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Mansa Devi is a standout amongst the most prominent temples of Haridwar, Uttaranchal. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mansa Devi, the goddess of power. Situated at the highest point of BilwaParvat, you can reach Mansa Devi temple by hiring a bus or rickshaw from nearby Haridwar. To reach the top of the hill where the temple is located, you can either track down or take a cable car.

Mansa Devi is an ancient temple that has attracted many people from far-flung areas because of its importance. People believe that the Goddess fulfils the desires of the devotees. The word Mansa is derived from Mansha, which means wish. Once you reach the top of the hill, you can find many shops around to offer to the Goddess.

To visit the temple, you have to stand in a long queue. Mansa Devi is said have conceived from the mind of the holy saint Kashyap. She is the wife of Nag Raja Vasuki. Considered to be one of the most prominent temples of North India. Mansa Devi is one of the well-knownplaces where one’s wish is fulfilled, known as SiddhPeethasalongside Chandi Devi and Maya Devi in Haridwar.

Inside the temple there is a holy tree, a few steps away from the idol of the goddess. Anyone who has a wish can tie a thread around the tree and on the fulfilment of the wish, you have to come to the temple again and untie the thread from the same tree. A great importance for the followers of Hindu religion. From the hill top of Bilwa hill, one can have a panoramic breath-taking view of Haridwar.

The Goddess Mansa Devi sits high on the hill slope ofHaridwar, one of the holiest of the seven places in India. It’s exceptionally well known with pilgrims who visit the temple with expectations of getting their wishes fulfilled.

When is the temple open?

Daily, from early morning till evening the doors of the temple are opened for their devotees.

How can one get there?

You can reach Mansa Devi temple by two ways, either on foot or by cable car. On foot, it is strenuous, it is one and a half kilometre uphill. The tracking is fun but it can be of great exhaustion during the hot months.Hence, many people prefer to take a cable car, also known as rope-way or UdanKhatola and walk down the temple. The cable car starts operating at 7.00am in the morning. But from April to October, it starts at 8.00am in the morning. Tickets cost Rs.84 per individual for both ways. The departing point is halfway situated around the local area.

How to visit the Mansa Devi temple?

The devotees who visit the temple usually take some prasads or offerings for the Goddess.

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