Yoga and meditation retreat in Haridwar in the lap of nature

Yoga & Meditation Haridwar

Today’s hectic way of life demands not only your time but mostly your holistic well- being. With little time to save for the wellness of your mind, body and soul, the various day today activities, the disturbing level of stress sneak into your life, bringing unhappiness and exhaustion in your daily life.

What to do to retreat yourself?
The good part is, you can retreat yourself with a balanced diet, continuous effort and healing and wellness. A nature’s goodness and ancient skills.
These theories reduce your stress and negative vibes from the body and cures the problems you have. Learn the unique yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques that will help you to enhance the flexibility of your body, stamina and health. Take home with you, a relaxed, healthier and happier you.

Are they the best alternatives, focussing?

Here at Gangasadan, the answers to most people’s lifestyle disorders have been successfully solved. Get free from the stress of your daily life in the divine serene beauty near the ghats of the holy river Ganges, Yoga and meditation brings to your body, mind and soul on a tuneful moment.
Yoga services with world-class luxury living. Gangasadan not only focuses on traditional therapies but also strives towards creating a whole new experience leading to a complete health care and wellness for guests.
Be it a weekend, revive the experience you’re looking for. An effective treatment, near Ganga ghat provides you the perfect experience.

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