Adventure activities in Haridwar


Want to try some adventure activities, after your spiritual day in Haridwar?

Make this journey to Haridwar a memorable one. Explore some of the adventurous activities and set your mind free. Fly like a bird, make yourself free from all the worldly tensions. Experience some of the most exciting adventure activities here in Haridwar.

Hotel Gangasadan, Haridwar lets you have all the fun.

Bungee jumping



This is India’s highest Bungee jump destination. The fixed platform extends to the middle of the valley, the bungee jumping is done from the height of 83 meter’s which is roughly 273 feet’s and equivalent to jumping from a building approx. 22 stories high. Jump masters from New Zealand assist you in this activity.

White water rafting


This is the perfect destination for rafting enthusiasts. Feel the thrill as you navigate through the river. While it is challenging, river rafting buffs will tell you how addictive this can be.

Wildlife tour



A naturalist’s paradise, Haridwar is flanked by the Rajaji and Jim Corbett National Parks. Watch a variety of animals in their natural habitat, go bird watching and experience the thrill of spotting a tiger in the wilderness.

Giant swing



Enjoy the thrill of India’s highest giant swing with a height of 83 mtrs. Designed by David Allardice of New Zealand and operated by Jump Masters from New Zealand. You can go solo or with a partner.

Flying Fox



Fly at 140 kmph on Asia’s longest flying fox! Designed by experts from New Zealand. The fox is normally done by 3 people in tandem. Can also be done solo.

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