The Daksha Mahadev temple in Haridwar


Let Hotel Ganga Sadan take you on a spiritual journey. “Follow your own path”.
Unique in concept, Gangasadan is one of the best hotels in Haridwar near the holy river Ganga. And not far from here is the famous ancient Daksha Mahadev temple.
This temple is a tribute to the mythological legend King Daksha Prajapati, who was the father of Dakshayani, Lord shiva’s first wife. Dakshayani organised an yagna in which he did not invite Lord Shiva.
However, Lord Shiva arrived at the yagna and was insulted by King Daksha Prajapati. When Dakshayani saw this, she became furious and sacrificed herself by burning in the yagna kund.

Later, king Prajapati was killed by the demon, Virabhadra who was born out of Shiva’s anger. But afterwards Lord Shiva bought king Daksha to life and was given a goat’s head.

Nothing can be spiritual and worth experiencing offering prayer in this temple, nor can there be a superior place.
Embark on a Spiritual journey at Gangasadan
With the busy schedule and stressful life, take on a spiritual journey to find who you are, what your problems are in life near the banks of the holy river Ganga.
• Yoga & Meditation Retreats: Reconnect with your soul, relax and rejuvenate with your health with Yoga & Meditation retreats.
• Temples visits for peace and solace: Positive vibes are due to the regular chanting in praise of the Lord. A short prayer for peace of mind.

Leisure Holiday
Experience the finest hospitality, all the ingredients for a holiday packed with excitement and thrill- an adventurous ride through the unexplored valleys, towering peaks, flowing rivers, where a splendid combination of flora and fauna reside amidst vast tracts of wilderness.

This riverside luxury hotel offers mesmerising view of the Ganga and its serene environment. Every part of this hotel overlooks the holy river Ganga.

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